Production Accounting Services

Prep to post – everything you need. All in one place.

We combine decades of production accounting expertise with the industry’s best production accounting platform for a superior range of accounting solutions to meet the demands of even the most challenging productions.


Flexible options to fit your production 

Whether you’re looking for help on one project or your full slate, we take a consultative approach and tailor our services to the needs of independent producers and production companies of all sizes for film, TV, documentaries, and web projects.

We’ve seen it all 

Our team has experience with every aspect of production accounting, and works hand-in-hand with our payroll and tax credit management teams, ensuring a seamless transition from prep through post. Our team members are expert users of our application, providing unmatched proximity to production data to help productions work efficiently. 

Production Accounting for non-union productions

  • Remote services delivered with the GreenSlate app
  • Payment of all production expenses, in accordance with the final locked budget
  • Coordination and processing of production payroll, escrows, and above-the-line payments
  • Reconciliation of production petty cash and cash cards
  • Preparation of weekly production cost reports and monthly bank reconciliations


Post-production accounting for union & non-union productions 

  • Remote services delivered with the GreenSlate app

  • Continuation of payment of all production and post expenses in accordance with the final locked budget

  • Coordination and processing of post-production payroll and above-the-line payments

  • Oversight of all vendor and payroll deposits

  • Cost reporting  and monthly bank reconciliations 


Comprehensive Tax Credit Management  

  • Estimate better, invest smarter with our opinion letter
  • Protect your collateral with real-time monitoring
  • Faster portfolio turn using our final application services
  • Access the information you need with customized general ledger and payroll reporting for all incentive states
  • Oversee production loan-out withholding payments
  • Mine the best CPA network