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    How Do Digital Solutions Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

    Did you know…

    Did you also know that each time you receive a direct deposit check, submit digital startwork, or fill out a digital timecard or purchase order, you’re saving water, trees, and carbon? And that the GreenSlate Eco Tracker makes it easy to see live data on how these actions add up over the course of your production?

    To-date, since the introduction of the Eco Tracker, all GreenSlate productions combined have saved a whopping 486,936 total sheets of paper!

    That means:

    • 5,533 fewer total pounds of carbon
    • 162,312 gallons of water saved
    • 58 trees saved

    How do GreenSlate’s digital solutions have an impact across an entire production?

    Producer Claudine Marrotte’s team saved over 5,000 sheets of paper and 15,000 gallons of water by adopting a paperless production payroll system on Windows on the World, an experience she talked to in Produced By.

    The production team on Al Gore-led 24 Hours of Reality: Protect Our Planet, Protect Ourselves, which encourages viewers to take action to fight climate change, also put their words into action behind-the-scenes with GreenSlate digital solutions and saved over 1,100 sheets of paper, 3,300 gallons of water, and 12 pounds of carbon. Learn how the 24 Hours of Reality team produced a carbon-neutral show.

    As more productions realize the time-saving and efficiency benefits of switching to GreenSlate’s digital solutions, the Eco Tracker numbers continue to grow exponentially. In the last six months alone, the amount of resources conserved has increased by over 55%.

    GreenSlate offers all these convenient digital tools free of charge. We also take our commitment to a sustainable future and completely paperless workflow one step further by providing record management services that take hard copy production files and completely indexes and digitizes them. Digital solutions not only save resources but can also save time and money too.

    • Reduce trips to the production office and eliminate the need for scanners, envelopes, and storage boxes.
    • Access your records from anywhere at any time.
    • Benefit from quicker audit turnaround times for payroll and tax credits.

    A recent GreenSlate study of over 500 entertainment industry professionals found that 93% of professionals agree they can benefit from digital solutions, but the industry is currently driven by opposing forces. Every production can take steps to contribute to a more sustainable future, and digital solutions can help.

    How can this enthusiasm for digital solutions translate into action? Read our ‘Evolution of the Production Office’ report for our takeaways and recommendations. Join us in our efforts to encourage digital adoption and bring much needed cultural change to the entertainment industry.

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