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    Earth Day 2022: Green Practices in the Film and TV Industry

    For 53 years, Earth Day has been celebrated by billions of people around the globe every April 22 to promote awareness about the health of our environment. 

    While some may view it as just another holiday, with serious concerns about our changing environment, initiatives that positively impact our planet are more important than ever. Not just on Earth Day, but every day. 

    In the film and TV industry, the Producers Guild of America is working to reduce emissions in the entertainment industry by 50% by 2030. GreenSlate is proud to join the PGA in their efforts and to support the PGA’s call to action

    We recently launched a new multi-channel campaign to promote digital efficiencies and greener practices for media production. We are passionate about encouraging everyone to embrace greener practices. With efficient digital solutions, productions can reduce energy use, use less space, and reduce their physical footprint - eliminating equipment rentals, mailing, and storage, and minimizing paper consumption.

    While with some companies, productions need to piece together workflows from a variety of systems - electronic signature apps, fillable PDFs, digital approval stamps, third-party document storage systems, etc. - to be able to work digitally, with GreenSlate things are different.

    GreenSlate client productions don’t need to find a bunch of applications that “integrate” and talk to each other, because everything is already built all in one app to enable productions to work in an efficient and sustainable way. The GreenSlate application was designed from the start to support remote digital end-to-end workflows from onboarding to post all within one web-based app, with one log-in.

    When productions use GreenSlate’s digital solutions - start work, timecards, POs, direct deposit, etc. - they directly contribute to lowering carbon emissions, paper production and water usage. It’s that simple. 

    And with our Eco Tracker, we make it easy to see real time data on how these actions add up over the course of your production. As more productions realize the time-saving and efficiency benefits of switching to GreenSlate’s digital solutions, we’re able to offset more emissions. Better for business and better for the environment means everyone wins.

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