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    Simplify Onboarding With Custom Forms

    Have additional forms other than the I-9, W-4, start form, and state labor law form that your employees need to submit for onboarding such as deal memos or policy and procedure agreements?

    Set up custom forms to capture all the information you need, all in one place. Custom forms can be pre-filled and approved with in-app digital signatures, along with the start form, as one start packet, and can all be managed in the app. 

    Custom forms offer flexibility for your production. 

    • Approval flows can be customized for each form.
    • Forms can be required for all employees or a subset of employees, or optional if they’re not required but you want them available to your employees.
    • Form previewing can be required or optional before submitting or approving. 
    • Employees and approvers can upload attachments to custom forms via the File Uploader.

    Once a form is fully approved, a PDF of the form can be generated with all of the completed fields and signatures. The entire start packet can also be downloaded.

    Interested in using custom forms on your project? Send your production-specific forms to our Support team and we can set them up to be completed digitally, or contact Support  to learn more.

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