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    Production Payroll Services: How to Get the Support You Deserve

    What should production teams expect in terms of payroll service and support? More than you might think.

    You know that production can be unpredictable...

    With so many variables requiring you to make quick adjustments, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether your payroll will happen on time, and accurately.

    Yet, all too often, payroll issues can fall on your shoulders, usually in critical moments when you have no time to deal with them.  And problems with your entertainment payroll services can massively impact your production schedule, your budget, and your bottom line.


    Do these scenarios sound familiar to you?

    Your accountant suddenly abandons your project, leaving you high and dry. 

    Your payroll provider delivers your payroll late, blaming the delay on technology constraints requiring a 48-hour turnaround.

    You're dogged with issues from antiquated software that doesn’t import or calculate properly;  and even worse, your support calls go weeks with no resolution.

    Sometimes, the unexpected arises. And then there are the issues that should never cross your radar, because your provider is working accurately and seamlessly for you behind the scenes. In both cases, there’s a standard of service and support you deserve and should expect. 

    No matter the situation, you should be able to count on your payroll provider to:

    • Navigate the challenges that surely will arise
    • Maintain your employees' confidence that they'll be paid accurately and on time
    • Help streamline and automate your workflow while maintaining orderly, accessible records






    When evaluating payroll providers, be sure to ask if you're getting:

    An intuitive and easy-to-use interface backed by cutting edge technology.

    Look for an all-in-one application and paperless workflow,  including timecards, direct deposit, start work, and self-service employee tools. These all vastly reduce room for guesswork and error, and will likely save you time, headaches, and money in the long run. It should be obvious that your payroll provider values technological innovation: they should constantly be investing development dollars to provide clients with the fastest, most accurate, and secure platforms and tools.

    Accessible and responsive customer service. 

    Should you expect your customer service to be accessible at all times? We think so. Ensuring your entire team gets paid accurately and on time is no trivial matter, and when issues arise, there’s often no time to waste. Make sure your payroll provider offers, at a minimum, live chat and telephone support during all business hours. Even better: do they have evening and  weekend support? Do they provide dedicated support members for your team or project? Do they offer free training through support articles, how-to videos, and webinars, available in a way that works for you? And, are they listening to your recommendations and insights in order to evolve the ways in which they support you and your crew? All these things matter, and you should expect that your partner will show up for you on this level. 

    If you ask your provider for their standard service level agreements, they should be able to share details outlining how your production team can reach support, and how quickly you can expect support to resolve issues. 

    A support team comprised of true experts.

    The more access you have to the people who have real expertise in payroll accounting, the more efficient your payroll process will be…and the more satisfied you’ll be with your relationship with your provider.  Ask for subject matter experts on your team: accountants, IT professionals, and software help desk professionals, backed up with bi-coastal support teams. 

    An attitude that puts the client first, always.

    More than anything, your payroll provider should live by the mantra that nothing matters more than the highest standard of client support at every turn. Here at GreenSlate, we commit everyday to “make it right” for our clients, above and beyond any other priority. If you sense that you’re getting less than you need from your payroll provider, we welcome you to check out all we have to offer here.

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