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    SAG-AFTRA contracts changes take effect

     At its July 15 meeting, the SAG-AFTRA National Board voted to approve new TV/Theatrical contracts. The agreement becomes effective retroactive to July 1, 2017 and expires June 30, 2020.

     Changes to SAG Pension and Health Plans, as well as SAG Pay Rates, include:


    SAG Pension and Health Plans:

    • The SAG P&H increased 0.5%.
    • The SAG Industry Advancement and Cooperative Fund (IACF) increased 0.2%.
    • This equates to a total benefit increase of 0.7% from 17.3%, resulting in a new fringe rate of 18%.
    • The 18% fringe is in effect for all theatrical productions and specific episodes of television productions that started principal photography after 7/1/17.
    • If principal photography was started before 7/1/17, the 17.3% fringe stands for the remainder of the project or episode.

    SAG Pay Rates:

    • There is a 2.5% increase to pay rates under the basic agreement.
      • Day Players - $956
      • Weekly Players - $3,320
      • Weekly Stunt Performers - $3,566
    • The pay rate increase applies to all work performed after 7/1/17, regardless of when the project started principal photography. In other words, the rate increase is tied to when the work is done, not when the project started.

    There are also increases to residual payments for streaming New Media content, and additional background actor increases. No rate sheets have been published yet, but are expected to come within the next week or so.

    You can read the official announcement on the SAG website. 

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