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    Explore, Compare, and Calculate Production Incentives on Any Device

    In an environment where production tax incentives are ever-changing and are an increasingly important factor in determining where film and television productions are shot, identifying the best, most financially advantageous locations for projects is often a complex challenge.

    Our suite of intuitive, web-based tax incentive tools are designed to help producers and financiers compare how much film incentives are worth to a production across the United States.

    • Explore detailed tax incentive information for each state with an interactive tax incentives map, categorized by ‘Rebate/Grant,’ ‘Refundable Tax Credit,’ and ‘Transferable Tax Credit.’ Select a state for a snapshot of the incentive percentage and the incentive type. Click on the snapshot for additional details like whether or not the incentive is refundable or transferable, the per project cap, minimum spend, funding cap, and more. 
    • Compare multiple states at one time to see how each state’s incentives match up side-by-side with a state comparison tool.
    • Calculate an estimate for tax incentives and see what a production could qualify for based on your project type and budget details with an incentives calculator.

    Navigating the incentives landscape can be challenging, and if you don’t follow the proper process you can lose them, but our team can help guide you to make the right incentive decisions and manage your data to maximize your production dollars.

    “From creating tools that help producers and financiers quickly navigate the incentive landscape, to audit management and managing relationships with the best CPAs and legal advisors, our full breadth of tax incentive services have everything a production requires from end to end. Our tax credit specialists on our dedicated in-house production accounting and tax incentives team manage all your data, throughout the entire production lifecycle, to deliver an unmatched range of solutions from a single point of contact,” said Michele Miller, Director of Accounting Services.

    Explore our film incentives tools

    For production incentive inquiries, please contact Michele Miller. And for the latest tax incentives news and updates, visit our blog.

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