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entertainment payroll software- start work solution

Streamline employee data management from greenlight to post-production. With GreenSlate’s all-in-one platform, digital approval flows, and customizable notifications, getting your production team onboarded is easier than ever.

Configure your approval flows to work the way you work

Think about what you do on set and share your process with our Digital Success team. We will make sure you have the flexibility you need and that everything is configured to work the way you work. Designate approvers, set up conditional steps based on amounts, and automate notifications throughout the process to streamline your workflows and stay on track.

Invite cast and crew to the system to quickly complete all of their forms in one place

Department heads can send offers with predefined rates and titles, and new employees can seamlessly and securely complete any standard or custom forms your production requires on any device. Both employees and administrators can track which documents are needed, pending, or completed with easy-to-follow color coded status icons and notifications.

Access everything in one application

Reduce data entry and eliminate guesswork from messy handwriting. Scale rates auto-populate start forms, and the employee’s name and signature auto-populate fields once they’re captured. Because everything is all in one system, timecards will also auto-populate with the employee’s name, coding, and positions once an employee’s start work is complete. Enter data once in our system, even if you hire the same employee again and again, and access an employee’s record at any time, from anywhere.

  • Customizable forms embedded into the offer
  • Send offers with predefined rates and titles
  • Scale rates auto-populate start forms
  • Validation for rates ensuring they are not below scale or minimum wage
  • Conditional approvals for over scale rate
  • Employee info shared between projects for minimal data entry
  • Attach files and comment threads
  • Create start work packet PDFs with signatures as needed
  • Easy access to employee files and info
  • Completely paperless
entertainment production payroll - start work solution

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