Assign, manage, and track training for your crew

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The GreenSlate training module makes online training quick and convenient

It’s perfect for any specific requirements you need your crew to adhere to, and you can build training into your onboarding process for a seamless experience.

Use available in-app trainings or set up custom training

The mandatory sexual harassment prevention trainings for NY and CA are preloaded in the app, along with COVID-19 training options. Interested in these trainings or have other training you need your team to complete? Let our Onboarding or Support team know to get set up. You can build trainings using content you already have or by sourcing content online. Our team will work with you to review your content and preload your training materials before production starts.

  • Set parameters for how training can be completed or course content can be viewed
  • Collect survey, quiz, and attestation responses
  • Add certifications that are valid for predefined periods of time
  • Set deadlines and specify required training frequency (every month, year, etc.)
  • Track completions and send reminder emails to crew as needed

Additional resources are available in our Help Center

The GreenSlate Training Module is available as a Stand-Alone Module – see pricing.

Available In-App Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Assign, manage, and track state compliant sexual harassment prevention training for NY and CA.

COVID-19 Safety Training

Assign, manage, and track COVID-19 safety training with GreenSlate and Safe Sets International.

COVID-19 Daily Health Checks

Administer and track daily health check questionnaires for all employees and crew.

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