Our technology makes storing, finding, handling, and routing documents more efficient and reduces errors. Accountants in the field can find information immediately on screen and drill down to easily access information. Our web-based digital paperless payroll and accounting workflows allows crew members to complete forms online using any device.

Get started quickly with multiple budget import options.

We fully support budget imports from Excel, Movie Magic, or Showbiz budgeting.

Everything on one platform, at no additional cost.

Intuitive, simple, and efficient GreenSlate accounting has everything you need to manage your full slate of productions.

GreenSlate Production Accounting Software

Production Accounting

Easily access all your data. In real time.  You can check account balances for all projects with one click and the Chart of Accounts and General Ledger update in real time.

  • Multi-filter drill down ledgers
  • Interactive Trial Balance and Cost Report dashboard
  • In-software tax incentive estimation, prep, and reporting
  • Quick and easy distribution changes and coding edits

Accounts Payable Entry

Apply purchase orders to all AP transaction types including petty cash, prepaid cards, journal entries, and optional vendor coding.

  • Import/export vendors from Excel from project to project
  • Easily track your prepaid card activity with automated import and entry for transactions
  • Copy/paste/import from Excel and easily clone recurring transactions for quick entry

Data Exporting & Integration

Export any data or transactions to Excel or a single .iif QuickBooks file, including the Chart of Accounts, codes, etc.

  • Easily integrate your data with studio specific integrations
  • Export paperless documents in their native format

Paperless Workflows

Cut your data entry in half. Crew members can easily initiate and upload backup documents directly.  Easily review, edit, approve, and commit to your cost report via mobile or desktop.

  • Digital startwork
  • Digital timecards
  • Digital purchase orders

Cloud-Based Document Management

Easily attach scanned documents to transactions and access them anywhere—on set or off—directly from the general ledger.

  • Add more than one document per transaction
  • Add documents to vendor and employee profiles
  • Find and download complete backup for checks
  • Store general project level files in the Document Manager

Corporate Accounting

Our all-in-one accounting solution provides True Chart of Accounts synchronization across all projects.

  • Corporate-specific and production-specific accounts
  • Production cost roll up to Cost of Goods or Work in Progress accounts
  • Accounts Receivable invoice module

Financial Statements and Multi-Project Reporting

Quickly communicate the information you need at a consolidated or project level.

  • Corporate Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Trial Balance
  • General Ledger/Bible
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Summary and Detail Aging
  • Production Cost Report
  • Gross Profit Report
  • Custom memorized reports
  • Cross-project GL search, filter, and reports
  • Cross-project 1099 edits, reports, and exports

Financial Controls and Permissions

All the controls of a GAAP-based accounting system plus all the traditional production accounting controls

  • Cost reporting, period closing, batch entry and posting,
    positive pay, and transaction level audit information
  • Role-based and individual permissions on project or user level
  • Cross-project permissions

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects does GreenSlate work on?

Our team supports a variety of projects across the entertainment industry—film and television productions, new media, commercials, and live events—with clients including Oscar 2018’s Best Supporting Actress Winner “I, Tonya,” Oscar 2017’s Best Picture Winner “Moonlight,” TBS’s “Search Party,” Comedy Central’s “Broad City,” and more.

For more than ten years, production companies, emerging filmmakers, and experienced producers have partnered with GreenSlate for high-touch service and support, innovative technology, and industry expertise and experience. Whether your company or production team is looking for an enterprise solution, a full slate agreement or help with a single project, we’re here to provide the best service and technology to make running your business easier.

What production accounting services does GreenSlate offer?

From pre-to-post production accounting, we’re here to help productions meet all their production accounting needs. Our expert teams have decades of experience with every aspect of production accounting, and we take a consultative approach and tailor our services to the needs of independent producers and production companies of all sizes.

Looking for a production accountant? We also maintain a national database of production accountants and track their availability.

Looking for career training to learn the software and skills required for your next production accounting job? We offer online courses and webinars too. Contact support at [email protected] to learn more.

What other products and services does GreenSlate offer?

Entertainment payroll and business services—health benefits, state tax incentives management, and payroll services—and tools like our intuitive and innovative digital software solutions, built for production accountants, by production accountants to help save production office finance professionals hours each day.

Products like our GreenSlate Visa® Prepaid Card can help simplify expense and budget management for all your non-payroll production spend. With transactions processed in real time, the GreenSlate Card is a better option than cash or credit, is fully integrated and managed within GreenSlate, and will virtually eliminate the need for petty cash.

From budget to delivery, GreenSlate’s technology, products, and services enable TV and film production teams to focus more on what they do best—making creative, inspiring content.

How can I schedule a demo to see the GreenSlate Accounting Software?

Please fill out our demo request form below or email us at [email protected].

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Expedite Your New York State Tax Credit Application with GreenSlate

With GreenSlate, generating New York State tax credit forms is an easy process that you can complete the requirements for directly from the GreenSlate Accounting Software (GSA). Read more to learn how to generate the required forms, including the Budget Cost Qualifier (BCQ), to earn tax incentives for your project’s expenses.


Data Privacy and Security

GreenSlate is committed to safeguarding the personal information we collect. We are SOC 2 Type 2 certified, and our application and platform are designed with the most stringent security protocols, which are independently verified to ensure the highest levels of security for customer data.