We were the first to offer an alternative to the standard “Employer of Record” model, helping productions save thousands in unnecessary fringe charges, and we continue to offer innovative solutions for the production office.

We know film and television production.

We know it can be unpredictable and that every production is unique. We offer options designed to fit your needs and are here to help you through the challenges that arise, to keep your employees satisfied, and to help streamline and automate your workflow while keeping your records in order and easily accessible.

We are integration specialists.

Once we receive a company’s information, we can set up payroll for a production in as little as 5 days. For large production companies, we utilize our proprietary tools and a proven model to convert any required data to our format.

GreenSlate Payroll Solutions

entertainment payroll management system - digital start work on smartphone app payroll system software for TV and film - digital timecards on smartphone app

Digital Startwork

Setup made simple. Our digital startwork allows you to onboard your crew in a matter of minutes as they can quickly submit their documents for approval.

  • Invite crew members via system generated emails
  • Mix digital or paper onboarding startwork
  • Log in online to access all features on desktop or through GreenSlate’s mobile app (available for iOS and Android)
  • Save time filling out forms—employee global information autofills across forms for all projects
  • Easily print digitally signed government compatible forms
  • Customize approval and processing flows

Customizable Reports On Demand

Save time with customizable reporting options—save your filtered views for easy access later or share the views across your team. Quickly access all available invoices and previews, as needed.

  • Filter, group, and/or sort columns
  • Add or remove columns
  • Export to PDF or Excel

Digital Timecards

Timecards keeping you busy off the clock? Submitting and approving hours to get timecards in for payroll processing throughout production is quick and easy with digital timecards.

  • Log in online to access all features  on desktop or through GreenSlate’s mobile app (available for iOS and Android)
  • Mix digital or paper per week or employee
  • Copy down day or whole timecards
  • Quickly copy over grossing from week to week
  • Review, reject, or approve with batch actions
  • Print and reprint checks securely on-site as needed (check stock and envelopes provided)
  • Customize your approval and processing flows
  • Automatically send timecard reminders to your employees

Payroll Auditing Features

We have complete payroll auditing features to meet your needs at any point during your production or payroll cycle.

  • Review and edit your payroll before payroll processing
  • View your edits by department or in alphabetical order
  • Customize your crew list
  • View submitted vs. final grossing variance reports
  • Access final invoice, check copies, and batch payroll reports anytime through your account with self-service options
  • Receive custom ad hoc payroll reports during and after production (upon request)

Digital Approvals with History Tracking

Set up custom approvals for your specific needs, or use our preset settings for timecard approval, grossing, and digital startwork.

  • Set rules for approvers — by person or by role — indicate the order of approvers, whether an approver can be skipped, and who needs to sign
  • Sign with a click. Collect signatures digitally, track all activity, and audit approval histories quickly and easily
  • Add notes for the next approver
  • Stay in the loop with notifications throughout the payroll process and when items need your approval

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does GreenSlate have offices?

To provide our clients with the best service, we offer locations in all the major US film and TV production markets—New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Albuquerque. We also have an office in Delhi in upstate New York.

What products and services does GreenSlate offer?

We offer entertainment payroll and business services—production accounting, health benefits, state tax incentives, and payroll services—and create intuitive and innovative digital software solutions designed to save industry professionals hours each day.

Looking for an accountant? We also maintain a national database of production accountants and track their availability.

What types of projects does GreenSlate work on?

Our team supports a variety of projects across the entertainment industry—film and TV productions, new media, commercials, and live events—with clients including Oscar 2018’s Best Supporting Actress Winner “I, Tonya,” Oscar 2017’s Best Picture Winner “Moonlight,” TBS’s “Search Party,” 2019 Spirit Award winners “First Reformed,” “You Were Never Really Here,” and “Sorry to Bother You,” as well as “Russian Doll,” “Queen & Slim,” and many more.

For more than ten years, production companies, emerging filmmakers, and experienced producers have partnered with GreenSlate for high-touch service and support, innovative technology, and industry expertise. Whether your company or production team is looking for a full slate agreement or help with a single project, we’re here to make running your business easier.

How can I schedule a demo or contact GreenSlate to learn more?

Fill out our demo request form or email us at [email protected] to request a demo, or contact us via phone or email to learn more about GreenSlate. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for the latest news and updates.

What kind of support and training does GreenSlate offer?

We offer weekly webinars, and customer service is accessible 24/7

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What should productions expect in terms of service and support?

More than you think. Production can be unpredictable… and things don’t always happen on a strict schedule. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your payroll is going to happen on time, and accurately. Yet, all too often, the shortcomings of your payroll…


Data Privacy and Security

Protecting your data is paramount. We are SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

Our application and platform are designed with the most stringent security protocols, which are independently verified to ensure the highest levels of security for customer data, and we adhere to rigorous development and deployment protocols so that the only downtime is your time.