One app is better for managing production payroll than any other. This is it.

The GreenSlate platform has the ultimate timecard solution built into an all-in-one platform. Eliminate paper, improve data accuracy, and save the crew and the production office hours of time. What more could you ask for?

Crew love the copy down features, mobile capabilities, and self-service access

Production teams get access to all features on desktop and through GreenSlate’s mobile app anywhere, anytime. One login works for everything and employee start work information automatically syncs with timecards to save time and ensure accuracy. Crew can also access their self-service portal for all pay history, pay stubs, and tax docs.

Payroll accountants work faster with auto-grossing and digital approvals

Goodbye messy handwriting, running down approvals, and entering data multiple times. GreenSlate is 100% digital, customizable and all in one app for a seamless production onboarding, accounting, and payroll experience – all of your data is all in one place. Easily code timecards using any accounting codes, and collaborate with your team and our paymasters in the same app.

Accountants and finance professionals see everything in real time

GreenSlate lets you access the data you need, vastly reducing any guesswork or potential errors. It’s easier than ever to work across multiple shows and access cross-project employee data, with instant, customizable, and shareable reports and grids/views.

  • All-in-one app – all of your data is in one place from prep until post
  • Customize your approval and processing flows
  • Employee start work information automatically syncs with timecards
  • Digitally approve edits and batches
  • Automatic grossing
  • Quickly copy over grossing from week to week
  • Review, reject, or approve with batch actions
  • Real-time data syncs to budget coding for each employee
  • Audit and approval history
  • Automatically send timecard reminders to your employees
  • Easily copy down day or whole timecards
  • Instant, customizable, and sharable reports and grids/views
  • Employees can access pay history, pay stubs, and tax documents
  • Accessible from desktop or mobile – mobile app available for iOS and Android

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