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Looking for a smarter way to handle your tax credits?

A single point of contact matters. Our tax credit specialists manage your data throughout the production lifecycle. Budget, payroll, post…we handle it all, and you get all you’re entitled to quickly.


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Let Us Manage Your Complexity

Monitor your investment in real-time.

By combining early stage budget and tax credit estimates with payroll services, we know exactly where your investment stands. And so do you.

Monetize your credit.

When we assume post-production accounting duties, we coordinate with state CPAs, legal, tax credit brokers, and state agencies to deliver funds to you and your lenders.

Get everything you need all in one place.

We combine proximity to production data with our industry know-how and all-in-one platform to deliver a superior range of tax credit lending and accounting solutions.

Estimate better for a smarter investment.

Our opinion letters are based on years of experience with budgets, locations, and productions a lot like yours. We go a step further by checking against our database of historical outcomes.

Manage the complexity and protect your collateral.

As the go-to for all your back-office needs, we simplify the books and records, and provide process coordination and interim monitoring throughout the production lifecycle.

Improve your returns with a faster portfolio turn.

Our budget-to-delivery management provides faster redemptions and loan repayment, a shorter portfolio duration, and improved returns.

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From jurisdiction shopping to sale management, mining the best CPA network, tax credit lending and loan-out withholding payments, no matter what your production requires, we’re there for you from end to end.