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With GreenSlate, bill payments are completely remote and customizable – approve payments and print checks with digital signatures directly through the app – without a trip to the office. Crew members can submit check requests digitally with attachments ready for review anywhere.

Receive bill

Enter bill

Review & approve

Generate payments

Easily access the information you need, any time

Notifications are automatically sent to the next approver based on your team’s setup. Digital check copies with backup PDFs, purchase orders, receipts and invoices – which are all available in the app – make information easily accessible.

  • Completely remote and customizable digital approval workflow
  • Approvers can view and approve batches and backup online or reject with notes attached
  • Notifications when payments are ready for approval
  • Optionally print paper checks with digital signatures upon approval
  • Single PDF auto-generated
  • Access check copies and backup instantaneously from any device
  • Sustainable — eliminate paper waste and save trees (and water)

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The Accounts Payable Module is included with the Standard Production Accounting Application and is also available as a Stand-Alone Module – see pricing.

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